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Thursday, November 27, 2014

I love eclectic homes, vintage pieces, thrifted finds, pattern on pattern, handmade homewares, DIYers and textured ANYTHING! Throw in the beauty of bohemia, free spirited spaces, vibrating energy and sacredness and we are on our way to a gathered home!

If you gather stuff, love a little junkin’, spend weekends faffing and foraging, love #junkgypsyfriday, you’re a wannabe stylist, you ARE a stylist, you’re not a stylist, you might just love to gawk at how other people live. OR you could just be the worlds best collector of collections!  I think you’ll love this!!!

Please tag me

@kindredspirits  #mygatheredhome

over on Instagram and show me your spaces, a friends space, your mums space. Remember, someones abode can be anything from 4 walls to a teepee to a gypsy caravan or boho bus….maybe even a treehouse!!!!!!

I can’t wait to see what #mygatheredhome looks like to you!!!




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Boho Bus!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014


So. 2015 will see plans come to fruition for a family home (lots of land) AND a family home (on wheels) Yep. A big bohemian inspired BUS!!

I know what I would LOVE and we have had many family discussions on how we want to FEEL when travelling in our vintage bus… here are a few ideas that have inspired me so far….











Source-Enchanted Gypsy









And the kids are requesting a double decker…. no biggie

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Junk Gypsy Friday!!

Monday, October 27, 2014


Source unknown

I would love to see what you have collected, created, gathered, thrifted and found!!

Every Friday, follow along on Instagram @kindredspirits and tag #junkgypsyfriday

Inspire and feature……










Perfectly Imperfect


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Fountain of Joy

Monday, June 16, 2014

The retail leg of Kindred Spirits is closing down…..and here’s why….


With wings she flies


I love being surrounded by beautiful things and everyday I am grateful I can send away pieces to you I have sourced or designed with one thing in mind-did I pay it forward? The answer is always yes!

I followed my heart and opened Kindred Spirits for the conscious consumer, for the people who love a story and for anyone who simply likes to do something good… AND it worked and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I was able to work with organisations who continue to inspire me and make magic everyday and then this happened….


We moved to the country and everything changed for me.  I expanded Kindred Spirits into homewares, I travelled to Indonesia, met with artisans, designed and saw a product  come to life. I was exactly where I wanted to be but not where I needed to be.


During this time a radical shift was taking place, merging the inside with the outside. Everything was making sense and connecting and I knew where and what I needed to do. My Kundalini had awakened and it was like nothing I have ever felt before. I was spilling over with happiness and every path I had ever taken, any decision I had ever followed through with and the people I had met all held a purpose. This was a moment of profound bliss for me, shedding of old skin and awakening to a rebirth.



I work closely with my higher guides, crystal energy, nature, lunar cycles and the universe.  I have completed many short courses over the last 18mths to assist me on my personal and professional path and it’s enlightenting, it all helps and I love to learn.



With such a radical shift, I am harnessing this creative power and breathing life into old concepts, therefore, the retail leg of Kindred Spirits will be closing down. Everything else will remain as is! Kindred Spirits will have a new product on offer but that’s another blog!

I am studying at ISCD and following my love of Interiors, colour and creativity. I have met many inspiring people through this journey alone and I feel blessed in this endeavour. I have faced my fears, let go of self doubt and I have come out ready to do things that I never thought I was capable of.


My professional path is full and my family life is just as full! 3 kids and a husband who works away. My husband, Mat, is also a little crazy like me (he would disagree) and when we get together our ideas come to life. Mat is studying Civil Engineering, works full time and is about to begin a build on our new business. We would also like to start a build on our family home. It does sound mad, but somehow it all works. To top it off we are planting foundations to move overseas next year.  We have planned this for sometime (years) and it is slowly falling into place, all based around a school we love, freedom to explore, expand professionally, spiritually and feed the soul through meditation, good food and being with nature. I am so excited for our kids.


As you can see, we have welcomed a lot into our life and I am finding the retail side of Kindred Spirits taking on a life, that doesn’t involve the new person I have become and I am moving forward with my greater purpose in mind. I can no longer provide the energy the retail leg requires and deserves.

“She trusts the universe to take care of her with whatever she needs”

So, with the feeling of ‘spring time’ in the land of Kindred Spirits- awakened, bright, heightened and everything thriving, you will receive up to 50% off all the beautiful stock in store.

There is no discount code-everything is marked down for your convenience.

Thank you for your support BUT remember, I’m not going anywhere, everything else stays the same. …well kind of. I’ll be back to share what’s new, I’ll need your help on this one too xxxx


“Inner happiness has wisdom built into it, it guides the flow of our everyday desires to greater joy and spiritual fulfillment. Gently experience yourself as happy and pleased, so the flow of desire becomes an inner expression of happiness and your spiritual growth will unfold as the path of healthy desire not self-sacrifice or denial. “- David Bennett







60 Seconds With…….Gypsy Stone

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

“We are fearless because we listen to our hearts. Rebellious wonderers who love the ocean, the grass and the sky at night. Here because something needs to happen, because we are the revolution.”-Gypsy Stone.

Ever wanted to know more about the effervescent, creative, earth loving goddess behind the Gypsy Stone brand? Let me introduce you to Lizz Pennings, fashion photographer, stylist and Creative Director of Gypsy Stone……..



    My Gypsy life motto…..

Aspire to inspire! Be present. Live wild and don’t sweat the little things :)

   Crochet or Lace…..

Crochet over lace, why not!


   I would never change my…..

Life experiences, decisions made and the people I’ve met. I am a HUGE believer in everything happening for a reason. Trust the universe and learn to let go of that control!


  The most exciting part about Gypsy Stone….

Making it whatever I want it to be and not having to answer to anyone, ever! Gypsy Stone is my freedom and my ultimate goal is to make Gypsy Stone, a leader in the paradigm shift that we need to see in the fashion landscape by spreading a message deeply connected to a lifestyle of love, freedom, health and happiness!



 When the sun shines I…….

Dance! And cannot believe how blessed I am to live where I live!

3 fashion essentials……

Dusty boots, soft vintage tee’s, confidence and a huge smile! Wait.. that’s 4.. is that cheating? haha


   My morning ritual is usually…..

Trying my hardest to not look at my phone! Mornings are for me, and not for answering emails!! Inhale and exhale; Drink my alkaline lemon water (amazing for your metabolism and brain first thing in the morning!) Practise still-ness and mediation for at least 15 minutes. Then I have to go for a run by the ocean before my brain starts racing. Shower, dress and then I’m set for the day!

  My insider fashion tip…..

Spend more but buy less. Quality over quantity! Say NO to fast fashion and YES to timeless, local designers. Don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing, wear what makes YOU feel good.. because feeling good is looking good ;)


Coffee or tea…..

Both!! Haha see a pattern here? I love my tea and how you can drink it at any time of the day, especially love my green tea before bed. But I do look forward to my raw, organic, cold pressed nut milk “Stimulate” coffee from my local Ground Organics cafe! It’s so great!!!

  A gypsy stone girl must …..

The Gypsy Stone girl must have no boundaries. She must aim high and never look back. She has a wild mind and “that” look in her eyes. She is one with the universe and will always believe in beauty. Fearless because she always listens to her heart. She is a rebellious wanderer who loves the ocean, the grass and the sky at night. She loves life and respects mother nature and is here because something needs to happen, because she is the revolution ;)



Photographer- Stacey Russell
H&M- Cassie Brimrose at
Kooshka Hair

For more Gypsy Stone love you can visit-

Gypsy Stone -shop



Thanks for the chat Lizzy!!!!!!!









































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